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How To Choose A Slovak – English Dictionary

Slovak to English Dictionary – This article looks at the different types of Slovak dictionary that you can buy for your business trip or holiday to Slovakia and tries to help you decide what is the best type of dictionary for you based on your needs and budget.

There are basically two types of Slovak-English dictionary available to purchase: electronic translator dictionaries and the more traditional printed Slovak dictionaries. Which of the two types that you ultimately choose to buy will largely come down to your budget, as the electronic Slovak-English dictionaries can be quite expensive.

Electronic Translators/Dictionaries

As the name implies, the Electronic translators offer more than just a dictionary in an electronic format, because as well as being far faster to use, they can also pronounce words and phrases for you. Here we look at a selection of electronic translators, from the cheapest to the most expensive on the market:

Partner ECz500 Slovak <-> English – Electronic Dictionary

The lowest priced Slovak – English Translator is also amongst the most popular and probably provides the user with the most bang for his or her buck!

Looking up words has never been easier with the 500 series, which has an incredible 14000 phrases pre-installed and organised by topic.

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iTRAVL NTL-2 Sk <-> En 2-way Language Communicator

For those of you that expect a little bit more from your electronic translator and have the budget to cover, the iTRAVL NTL-2 also comes highly recommended.

The Sleek and portable iTRAVL NTL-2 Sk <-> En is not only a powerful electronic dictionary, but will also help you learn the language and will even communicate for you!

The Audio Phrasebook also contains 14,000 voice-activated phrases, which are spoken fluently in Slovak via a speech to speech translation.

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Partner ECz900 Slovak <-> English Electronic Dictionary

The top of the range electronic translator solution is the Partner ECz900 range, which although is by no means cheap, really is on-the-go language learning at its finest!

The English-Slovak Partner 900 is designed to teach you English and Slovak step-by-step, through a series of interactive tutor programs.

In addition to its learning capabilities, the audio phrase book contains 14,000 phrases that are pronounced fluently in both English and Slovak, so that when you speak any phrase in English, you will get the phrase spoken to you in perfect Slovak.

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Traditional Print Slovak – English Dictionaries

Small English-Slovak and Slovak-English Dictionary

If you are looking for a small and easy-to-carry Slovak to English dictionary, to satisfy most everyday situations, then the Small English-Slovak and Slovak-English Dictionary is probably your best bet.

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English-Slovak and Slovak-English Dictionary

This English-Slovak and Slovak-English Dictionary has approximately 25,000 entries and includes 62 pages of useful phrases, official signs and even scientific names. This is without doubt one of the best Slovak <> English dictionaries currently on the market.

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Of course, no electronic translator or dictionary, no matter how good, is a substitute for learning the language yourself, so if you have the time and inclination to learn some Slovak before your trip to Slovakia, we advise you to go for it! We have put together a selection of useful resources in the How To Learn Slovak section of the site.

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